True Heat Solutions - InsulationTackling your attic can be a daunting task!  Whether you have old insulation or rodents and vermin have made your attic their home, we’ve got you covered!  We are your one stop shop specializing in rodent proofing, insulation removal, air sealing, sanitization, deodorizing, and installing new insulation.  From start to finish our professional installers will ensure the process is smooth, completed on time, and in a professional way, giving you peace of mind!

Online Scheduling

Removing and replacing insulation has never been easier that with us!

Our Easy online scheduling allows you to pick the day you or your client need the job done without having to wonder when someone can be out.  After you’ve entered all the information a confirmation email will be sent to you so that you know we’ve received the job.  If we have any questions, we’ll be sure to give you call. Ready to book your first job?  Click here and see our availability.  Click here to schedule.

Insulation Removal:

Whether you are remodeling, upgrading, fixing damage from roof leaks or rodent and vermin infestation we’ve got  you covered.

Our 2 part removal allows us not only to remove old insulation, but also rodent feces, roofing and other debris.  Once all old insulation is removed, rodent feces vacuumed, and debris eliminated we sanitize your attic so its doesn’t only look clean but is!  Our state of the art vacuums and seasoned professionals know just what to do!  Click here to see our availability and schedule today!

Air Sealing:

The EPA recommends prior to installing new insulation that all attics be air sealed. Air leaking into your attic from electrical, plumbing, vents, and light fixtures wastes a lot of energy and increase your utility costs.  A well sealed attic combined with the correct amount of insulation will make a big difference on your energy bill, reduce noise from the attic, help keep unwanted dust from entering your home, and give you overall better comfort and peace.   Don’t think about replacing that old insulation without sealing off all gaps and cracks that could end up costing you thousands of dollars over the life of your new insulation.

Blow in Insulation:

Why Blow-in Insulation?  Whats the difference.  We hear this every day.  Deciding on blow-in insulation has never been easier as we’ve become more energy conscience.  Blow-In insulation like TAP insulation provides a seamless blanket over the boards of your attic and eliminates the option for air to escape the sides like traditional batt insulation.  Installing blow in TAP insulation is faster and much more cost effective than batt or rolled insulation.  The advantages to TAP insulation is pretty clear.

  • Added longevity for the roof and shingles. A well-ventilated roof that includes an adequate layer of blown insulation can create a conditioned space in the attic. This conditioned space reduces the strain of heat on the sheathing that causes shingles to fail earlier.
  • Decrease in energy bills. Blown-in insulation can fill the crevices and cavities of attic space in ways that batting cannot. This creates a tight fit for little air gaps in the roof and eaves of the home, which saves a great deal of money by reducing the energy an air conditioner or furnace has to expend to heat or cool the home.
  • Vapor retarder and moisture barrier. Blown-in insulation that is installed correctly can reduce moisture infiltration. Maintaining the R-value keeps the house as warm as possible in the winter and cool in the summer. Adding an attic fan also helps to mitigate moisture that may infiltrate a vapor retarder near the insulation.
  • Noise Reduction:  TAP insulation reduces unwelcome and unwanted noise from outside and helps create a more quite and peaceful environment inside your home or business.
  • Fire Resistant:  TAP insulation contains a fire-retardant chemical that makes homes and businesses less vulnerable to a fire.  TAP insulation’s fire retardant characteristics help form a charred surface barrier to limit the spread of fire throughout your home or business.
  • ADD TAP TO YOUR EXISTING INSULATION:  We can help create a TAP cap on your existing insulation bringing it up to the correct R-Value, insulating your home and saving your money!
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