Steam Treatments

When it comes to bed bugs our partners are constantly presenting us with new scenarios they face and as such it is our responsibility to stay on top of the latest methods for Bed Bug eradication. Steam, while not new to our industry – Has gained more popularity within our company as successful applications & benefits become more obvious.

“What about my car(s)?”, is one of the more common questions we’re confronted with and steam has been an easy recommendation for us as positive results continue to pour in.

A major benefit is that these alternative treatments are assisting in mitigating our chemical usage – especially in areas where prolonged skin contact may be common. 

Good applications for steam treatments can be any of the following:


– Cars, Boats, Motor Homes & Trailers


– Couches, Chairs & Beds

Accounts Sensitive to Chemicals

– Medical Facilities, Movie Theaters & Libraries

True Heat Solutions Steam Treatment

We’ve also found on follow-up treatments that this tool has greatly reduced our overall chemical usage. The steam allows us to focus on contact kills in known high traffic areas bed bugs target. Areas that would normally be treated with chemicals alone now no longer have the necessity for “on contact” pesticide applications.